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Suzanne Stewart, WLB Coaching: The 'straight goods'

What Lies Beneath Coaching (WLB Coaching) provides specialty support to assist women with conflict resolution, particularly in areas of marriage and relationships - from affairs to separation and divorce, to reconciliation. I coach in all areas of life conflict, and personal growth. Here's what you can expect when we work together:

    Honest, safe discussion in an informal setting (in person or by phone)

    No judgements (Consider me your friend, sister-by-proxy and cheerleader)

    A truly enlightening examination of the "WHY" of your situation and your response to it

    Uncovering the core beliefs that drive your motivations, behaviours, reactions and decisions.

    Real, practical guidance and suggestions, for your unique situation

    A feeling of clarify, focus and understanding - a weight off your chest!

"You aren't alone!"

My personal life experience, which I describe below, brings tremendous scope of understanding and empathy to my coaching. I've also coached many women on these and related issues.

Religious confusion - being raised Catholic and not understanding the rules - feeling guilty for just about everything and angry at everyone

Growing up white in a black country and feeling guilty because of the color of my skin

Immigration and the myriad of emotions and conflicts that causes

Family separation at an early age with family scattered around the world

Emotionally and psychologically abusive relationships

Interracial relationships

Step parenthood

Abortion and the reprecussions

Infidelity and the devastation it creates

Marriage and its complexities

Parenthood and its challenges

Post partum depression

Money/abundance issues

A spouse who has been sexually abused as a child

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