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Suzanne Stewart, Life Coach
In person or by phone
Flexible Hours
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Resolve conflict, make decisions, live life to its fullest!

No matter what hurdles you're facing, I can assist with practical advice and support to help you understand the what, why, and how of your challenge. My approach is frank, sensible and compassionate. One of my specialties is quickly getting to the essence of your issue and helping you determine what factors you need to deal with. (Read more about my approach.)


Cope with a partner affair

Navigate marriage break up

Sort through reconcilation

Stickhandle teenage issues

Deal with the boss from hell

Make peace with your mother

Make a change you long for

Address career boredom / burnout

Ride the rollercoaster of mid-life crisis

Raise children as an older parent

Break bad or harmful habits

Follow a long-neglected dream

$75 per hour by phone

$75 per hour in person

Discounts for 10 or more sessions per month.

Contact me about group workshops and speaking engagements.

For when you need to talk, fast!

If an issue comes up and you need a voice of reason and clarity right away, I will get back to you n an hour or less!

$1.50 per minute, sold in 100 minute increments

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