Suzanne Stewart, What Lies Beneath Coaching
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Suzanne Stewart, WLB Coaching
Need help navigating life's relationships?

Trapped in a tricky, painful or life-altering situation? On a relationship rollercoaster? Confused, conflicted or stuck? Want to get clear about your situation?

It's not always easy to deal objectively with life's obstacles and conflicts. That's where I can assist, with personal understanding, professional expertise and practical guidance.

I'll help you quickly get to the bottom of what you need to deal with, gain clarity and focus, and overcome barriers and decisions that hold you back. Best of all, you can grow and build confidence in a safe refuge where you can be honest and real without fear of being judged.


Mentor. Confidant.

Partner Affair

Separation or Breakup


Boss Angst

Teenage Hell

Your Mother

Midlife Crisis

In Partnership with Passionate Life

SUZANNE STEWART, COACH Suzanne's common-sense approach comes from her own life experience and success with clients. more >

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