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Some of the people I've coached are saying...

I have successfully coached numerous women facing life issues. Here are some of their comments.

"After many failed attempts at other forms of counselling, I had the good fortune of meeting Suzanne. She helped me open my eyes and heart. I finally 'got it'. What lies beneath is truly what she helped me see. It was with that profound truth that I was able to start to heal myself and my marriage. She truly has a God given gift to coach others. I highly recommend her." - JM, Burnaby

"I met Suzanne at a time that my marriage was just starting to "end." I was only married for a couple of months when i found out my husband had an affair. I thought that as a woman scorned I was supposed to leave, pack up the kids and hate this man for the rest of my life! I learnt through having Suzanne as my coach that not only could I stay in this marraige but I would actually be able to make it better. We are not even close to being out of the worst but I can honestly say that having someone there in my deepest of despair to help me organize my thoughts and feelings is proving to be the best thing for my marriage. She has taught me to have a better understanding of the word "commitment" and made me realise that its not all about me! I can honestly say that since my husband had the affair that we now have a better understanding for each other and we have both become more open to conversations about our feelings. Even though Suzanne is not directly speaking to my husband, she is helping him alot through me!" - LR.

"After a very difficult, verbally abusive 18.5 year marriage Suzanne helped me to find the strength and courage to leave. I had come to a point in my life when I was always sick and very negative about life in general and had fallen to a place where I had lost my spirit and felt numb. It was important to me that I reclaim my spirit and not come out a bitter, resentful person. As expected my husband was very angry and bitter with my departure and for the past three years has tried every tactic to gain back his control. Iíve had several cases of car vandalism and several verbal abusive encounters and he continues to involve the children in this to this day. It has been an incredible journey.

Suzanne has been an incredible support, not only emotionally but has helped me with much of my gruelling hours of preparation for court proceedings.

With the encouragement and support of Suzanne I have overcome all the obstacles that I have faced with a very positive attitude. I have become a strong, healthy and vibrant person again and will be for ever grateful for the positive guidance that Suzanne has given me. Suzanne has helped me to keep my focus.

" I first met Suzanne and her family when I moved into my new apartment 5 years ago with my children. She came to my door with flowers and a big welcome the first day I was in my new place.

Suzanne lived right next door to me and was a great friend from the start. I was going through a divorce and needless to say a very hard time in my life, a definite time of need.

Suzanne was always available to me for support whenever I needed it. Over the years I received great advice from her and to this day I still say it was the best advice of any of my friends and most sensible every time.

I recently had a problem with my 19 year old daughter that I deemed as huge, she wanted to move out. I felt out of control. The next night I called Suzanne, and after speaking with Suzanne one night on the telephone, I quickly realized that it was not the end of the world and my daughter just wanted to be a big girl and be allowed the chance to grow up. It now was not only acceptable but I actually liked the idea.

My daughter and I still remain as close now as we were before and I have Suzanne to thank for helping me see the light! THANK YOU SUZ, I'm in your debt! - LC

"Suzanne's matter-of-fact style really is a breath of fresh air, especially after I had little luck with the traditional counsellor route for my relationship challenges. She has an amazing ability to sort through confusing situations to get to the heart of the matter. It helps too, that she brings her own life experiences to bear in her coaching; I feel like she really 'gets it.' Suzanne never fails to amaze me in how effectively and honestly she communicates; giving support and advice that is not just abstract, or from a textbook, but sensible, focused, and easy to apply in 'real life.' Working with Suzanne has been one of the best things I've ever done for my personal growth. " - JG, Vancouver


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